Therapeutic services

Our mental health service providers work with each client to develop a plan based on the client’s specific needs. We are able to address many common life challenges, such as stress, anxiety, depression, grief, loss, addiction, relationship issues and trauma. Our treatment approaches include cognitive behavioral therapy, person-centered therapy, play therapy and art therapy.  We offer individual, marriage, family and group interventions. 

Consulting Services

Our consultation services focus on assisting organizations and communities with the development and evaluation of mental health services, peer support services, social services and interorganizational networks.  Services include, but are not limited to, needs assessments for organizations and communities, program design and evaluation, network development and evaluation, and strategic planning. 

Program Design and Evaluation.  In terms of program design, we can assist you with developing evidence-based programs designed to meet the needs of your clients.  Whereas our emphasis is on mental health services, we also have experience with rural social services, substance abuse treatment services, social services for people who are living with HIV/AIDS, and services for individuals with an IDD (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities). 

Network Development and Evaluation.  In order to meet the needs of their clients, rural social service organizations often find themselves in a position to coordinate services and/or share resources with other organizations.  We can assist with the planning, development, coordination and evaluation of community and regional social service networks. 

Strategic Planning.  Whether you are planning for the future of your organization or an interorganizational network, we can assist you.  Our approach to strategic planning emphasizes stakeholder involvement throughout the process with the end result being a comprehensive three or five year strategic plan.